Building A Raised Bed Garden

Here is an easy way to start a Raised Bed Garden and some tips for quick success.

Tips for building a Raised Bed garden

  • Make sure you have a sunny spot picked out for your Raised Bed (at least 8 hours of direct sun). Your bed should not be more than 3 ft. wide inside the frame (for easy reaching) and it can be any length you would like. Mark the area using stakes and string allowing for the width of whatever material you will be using to build the Raised Bed walls (i.e. 3 ft. + 2 x wall width)
  • Buy some heavy duty landscape cloth which allows water to penetrate and keeps the weeds out. Cut enough cloth to cover the marked bed area plus about one foot extra on each side. Secure with landscape pins. (the extra foot of cloth will allow you to place a brick edging or some type of mulch down and keep grass and weeds away from the bed.)
  • Build your Raised Bed about 8 – 12 inches high using UNTREATED 4 x 4’s or 4 x 6’s stacked on top of each other. You can secure them together by drilling holes and pounding ReBar through the holes into the ground about 6 inches or just by using 8 inch spikes hammered into the top and bottom wood.  Note: (treated wood and landscape timbers are usually treated with Copper Arsenate and could leach toxins into the soil which can be taken up by the plants). Another good material for building raised beds is concrete blocks. Stack them 2 high, solid side to the inside and outside of the bed. Pound some rebar every so often through the cavities into the ground to secure them or fill the cavities with sand or soil.