Customized Candida/Yeast Detox 

Conquer Candida/Yeast For Good

Doctors estimate that 75% of the female population has experienced symptoms of Candida/Yeast overgrowth.  My personal experience with clients indicates that an even higher percentage of people are struggling with systemic Candida/Yeast overgrowth.  Many aren't even aware that this imbalance could actually contrIbute to more than 90% of their health issues.

Candida/Yeast overgrowth is an insidious condition that creeps up on you over time, usually a result of antibiotic use and poor diet.  Many people have Candida/Yeast overgrowth, but it is not to the point where they are suffering from severe symptoms.  It is however doing damage to various parts of the body and your body is under the stress of this imbalance.

Many people have tried over the counter cleanses and had good success with them, however others have been disappointed in their results.  This is because Candida/Yeast overgrowth and how it affects the body is very individualized.  Only you, yourself and your body really know what is going on in your body and how to handle it.  This is where muscle response testing comes in.  Your body talks to the practitioner and reacts positively or negatively to various test points, foods, herbs and lifestyle practices.  Together you and the practitioner can put together the right program for you based on your body's communication.

I will help you develop a successful program of diet, herbs and lifestyle changes that will bring your body back into balance.  We will look at indications of Leaky Gut, inflammation, food allergies and which herbs are best suited for you.  Candida/Yeast can be difficult to get a handle on, but don't you want the best possible program to follow that is geared to your individual needs?

Customized Candida/Yeast Detox is a part of Digestive Rescue and Digestive Deep Dive.  

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Don't have time for a consultation?
Here is my heavy duty Candida/Yeast  Protocol

Please be sure you are Nutritionally sound before doing this Cleanse.

1. Take 1 box of NSP's Candida Clear cleanse over a 2 week period.

2.  Take 2 oz. of Silver Shield on day 1 and 2 of this cleanse.  Take 1 oz. of Silver Shield on days 3,4,5,6. of this cleanse.

3. Take Probiotic Eleven  (1 with each meal and 1 at bedtime or (4 at bedtime) for at least 30 days.

4.  Take 1 scoop of fiber (Loclo) on an empty stomach to absorb toxins from Candida/Yeast.

5.  Follow the Candida Diet

6.  Drink plenty of water and get plenty of rest.  

Note:  Some individuals may be so overgrown with Candida they may have to do the 2 week protocol 2 or 3 times.  In this case, Rest one week between each 2 week program. 

You will need:

I also recommend you purchase my e-book "Conquering Candida: How You Can Free Yourself from Yeast Infections Once and for All"  A Comprehensive Guide.  Cost is $19.95  This book will guide you through a 3 month protocol for killing the Yeast, repairing the damage it caused, rebuilding the microflora of the gut, changing your biological terrain to be uninviting to Candida and preventing further infections. It also contains recipes and protocol adjustments for children.