Customized Detox 

Most of us agree that good external hygiene is pretty important if we wish to remain healthy and agreeable to those around us.

But what about our internal hygiene? 

Shouldn’t that be just as important?  Many people do not think about “cleaning their insides”, however it is critical to maintaining good health.

Toxins can accumulate anywhere in the body, however, it is vital to clean the colon first since this is where we store a lot of toxins..


The bowel (colon) is the body’s waste disposal or sewer system.  If it becomes clogged and backed up, waste material surrounds our organs and tissues.  They literally become immersed in sewage.  Not a very appealing picture, is it?  How do you know if your system is backed up?  Think about how much food you consume.  If you eat 3 good sized meals a day, you should be eliminating waste from each meal every day.  This equates to 3 bowel movements a day to ensure a perfectly clean colon.  Some folks eliminate once every 2 or 3 days; imagine the back up this causes!  Material begins to stick to the inside wall of the intestines, similar to plaque build up in arteries.  This layer thickens over time, inhibiting nutrient uptake and robbing the body of its energy supply.  It also makes a great greenhouse for growing parasites and “bad bacteria”.

Overeating and choosing packaged, processed and artificially altered food results in incomplete digestion.  Undigested food produces over 38 toxic compounds in the digestive tract.   These toxins build up in cell tissues and in the bloodstream, causing symptoms of headaches, body aches, constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, itching, allergies, anxiety, nervousness and fatigue.  More serious conditions such as colon cancer, diverticulitis, Crohn’s disease, kidney, liver and gallbladder disease as well as autoimmune diseases can occur after years of toxic build-up.

How do we do “Internal Cleansing”?  Usually it involves changing our eating habits and adding some cleansing herbs that have a direct effect on the colon or other major organs.   A cleanse may last for 7 days or up to 3 months.  Short cleanses contain fiber (which absorbs toxins and provides bulk to “sweep” the colon clean) and fairly strong herbs to “make you go”.  The idea is to clear out all of the recent build-up.  Longer cleanses contain fiber and more gentle herbs to assist in cleansing over a greater period of time.   Anti-parasitic herbs may also be added to a cleanse to aid in re-establishing  a healthy micro-flora in the intestines.

Adding fiber, enzymes and probiotics (good bacteria like Acidophilus) to your diet will aid digestion, discourage the build-up of toxins and restore the health of the colon.  Cleansing is recommended at least twice a year (Fall and Spring).  Many people choose to cleanse quarterly or even more often depending upon their current health goals.   I have a variety of prepackaged cleanses that are easy and convenient for the beginner and I always muscle test for the best one for your individual needs.

Your Customized Detox Program will assess whether your body can handle a cleanse (some individuals my be too weak to do a cleanse) or whether your body needs to be strengthened with nutrition.  You may need a gentle cleansing program or you may need and be ready for a stronger program.  Customized detox programs may include diet changes, herbal supplements, IonCleanse Footbaths or gentle herbal detox body wraps. 

Customized Detox is a part of Digestive Rescue and Digestive Deep Dive.  

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