Customized Nutrition

I will customize a nutritional program for you using tools such as Questionnaires, Muscle Response Testing and Face, Tongue and Nail Analysis. Your program may be a combination of nutritional supplements, herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, flower essences, energy work, Reiki, diet and lifestyle practices.
We will take an in depth look at your current health as well as your health history. Together we will evaluate your diet, lifestyle, your belief system and how well you handle physical and emotional stress.
Our main goal is to find and address nutritional deficiencies and help balance the whole body, including mind, spirit and emotions while activating your unique healing abilities. I believe the body will always heal itself if given the proper nutrition as well as the means to remove toxins and irritants. 

Nutritional/Wellness Assessment includes:
  • Review of health history and Body Systems questionnaire
  • Diet and lifestyle assessment
  • Muscle testing for nutritional deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances
  • Muscle testing for customized supplement program
  • Muscle testing for customized detox program
  • Food Sensitivity Assessment

Customized Nutrition and Nutritional/Wellness Assessment are a part of Digestive Rescue and Digestive Deep Dive.

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