Digestive Deep Dive Program
(90 day transformation)

Look and Feel Better than you Ever Have Before.  

Relief - Repair - Transformation

The first step in your Digestive Deep Dive Program is to get  natural Symptom Relief Fast!  

The second step is to implement a personalized program that will help your body Repair the Damage that has taken place.

The Digestive Deep Dive Program goes one step further by providing ongoing support for the healing taking place in your body and mind.  

It includes ThetaHealing sessions to release trapped emotions that are causing you pain and anxiety.  These healing sessions can actually change negative beliefs that continue to affect your health in destructive and unsupporting ways.  Digestive Deep Dive also includes ongoing nutritional program adjustments and cleanses so you can continue on your journey to optimum health. This is where a real transformation takes place for you.

As a part of your Digestive Deep Dive Program I will personally walk you, holding your hand all the way, through a full (90 day) program that is going to once and for all heal your digestive and health issues. And by the way - you get to transform your life along the way too.  You can expect weight loss if necessary, tons of new energy, improved moods, feeling vibrant, lighter, happier, improved self-esteem and a whole new outlook on life. Don't be surprised if your personal and financial life soar as well. 

Are you ready for the Transformation?

Your Digestive Deep Dive Program Includes:

Everything in Digestive Rescue

  • Review of Health History 
  • Digestive and Diet assessment
  • Food Sensitivity Assessment
  • Quick relief supplement program
  • Muscle testing for nutritional deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances
  • Personalized supplement program
  • Personalized detox program
  • Follow-up appointments to fine-tune your program
  • Literature and support materials.


Healing and Support Sessions

  • Release trapped emotions that continue to cause physical and emotional pain and anxiety.

  • Shift out of your limiting beliefs that hold you in destructive patterns keeping you stressed out, fearful and unhealthy.

  • Receive energy healing and balancing so you can step into your personal power and become calmer, more self confident and successful.

  • Establish a healthy lifestyle of eating habits, nutritional support and cleansing that will lead you through a lifetime of health and happiness.


  • Save money with a product discount on quality digestive and nutritional support that is right for you.

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