Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is powerful and transformational.  I have found that my clients get the most benefit from working with me for a few sessions and then staying connected with periodic follow up appointments.  

This 3 session Intuitive Healing Package is designed to assist current clients with ongoing  Nutritional and Detox followup appointments as well as Energy Healing sessions.

These sessions are also for new clients who have completed one of my digestive packages and want to stay connected during the year and address any changes in their health and environment. 

New clients who want only Intuitive Healing (ThetaHealing and/or Reiki) may also purchase this package.

When you invest in Intuitive Healing you can be sure that I will be there to help you heal traumas and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in stress, despair, and feelings of unworthiness.  You will be able to reconnect to your true self and see yourself and your life issues through God's eyes for profound healing. 

Clients typically move out of confusion, doubt, fear, pain and resistance into a more comfortable sense of self confidence, balance, strength and peace.  Transform yourself into the person you want to become through Intuitive Healing.

These sessions are available by phone or Skype.

Intuitive Healing  3 pk.   $395