I love to Garden!! I encourage you to do so too, if you are not already enjoying the benefits of being outdoors and the stress relief and grounding that occurs when working with plants and the soil. Growing your own organic vegetables ensures good quality food, packed with nutrients and free of pesticides, additives, wax and radiation.

When I was a little girl we had a big 1/2 acre garden.  My dad used a small tractor to plow the earth and the whole family would be out planting seed, weeding, and harvesting.  My mom would be in the basement getting things ready to blanch and freeze our fresh picked produce.  There is nothing like home grown, fresh produce or fresh frozen veggies available during the winter.  

Gardening reminds me of my roots, but also reminds me of life itself.  What we put into our bodies is so important and God gave us plants not only to feed us, but to heal our bodies.  Growing your own food assures that you know exactly what is in it.  You may chuckle, but these days food isn't necessarily food anymore, with all of the pesticides, genetic modification and radiation. 

Everyone can have a little garden, whether you live in an apartment and use an Aerogarden or you have a little patio with a wine barrel for tomatoes.  Herbs can often live and thrive in a sunny window.  I encourage you to step back and take a little time to get to know some plants.  Plant a little seed, watch it grow and reap the rewards.  Plants are a blessing in our lives.