Going Green

June 2009  Dr. Mom's Natural Solutions

Did you know that the Green Industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, along with the wireless industry and the wellness industry. 

Going Green can mean a lot of things, including lowering your carbon footprint (which is how much fuel and resources you consume through your car, house, and consumable products), reducing waste, recycling and buying more natural products.
I'm hoping this article is a gentle reminder that we are all connected to each other and to the earth. As such, everything we think and do affects not only ourselves, but our world and the people in it.  I've always been a recycler, but have been really trying to pay attention to the rules more about which caps are recyclable, what new things I could be recycling etc. I realized I could be doing a little more in that respect.

Plastic overflowing our landfills is a big issue to me too. I try to educate people on the dangerous impact plastic has on our health and our environment. A friend recently sent me a u-tube link on the dire consequences of plastic in our oceans. It never breaks down and is causing a number of problems with sea life ingesting it. Plastic also leaches chemicals which are endocrine disrupters. Studies already show the reduced sperm counts in male animals, reptiles, and yes even humans.

A simple chage we can make is not buying plastic water bottles and choosing glass, stainless steel or corn based bottles. Get the platstic out of your kitchen as well. Never microwave in plastic containers or put them in the hot dishwasher. The heat allows the petroleum based chemicals to leach out and contaminate our food and drink. Oh, and let's get rid of plastic grocery bags completely. We used to have paper for years and they still work fine. I've started carrying the reusable fabric bags in my car and am working on remembering to take them with me on my grocery runs. Sometimes I forget and have to run back out to the car or I ask for paper if I can. It takes a little while to start a new habit, but pretty soon it will take hold and become automatic. Don't be harsh on yourself if you forget or get a little lazy, just say, next time I'll do better - and next time you will.

Making a choice with where to spend your money can lead to changes in our environment and our economy. Supporting natural, organic foods and clothing ensures a cleaner environment from chemicals and poisons.  Locally grown products don't have to be shipped far and cut down on gas consumption and the cost for shipping. Supporting local businesses in your community makes sense for you, the environment and the economy.

Why not make a commitment today to do one thing for the environment and our future health. Walk or ride your bike somewhere this week instead of driving. Visit the local farmer's market and support your local businesses or buy a reusable grocery bag and use it. Think of one way you can make a difference in your own life and your community's. Then pat yourself on the back and feel good about making a difference. One change can lead to another and another. There is no telling how much can happen with one act of caring and your intention toward healing our world!