The Importance of Healthy Gut Flora 

Many of us lack healthy amounts of gut flora (good bacteria) required for optimal digestive health. These good bacteria need to be replenished and are a nutrient that the body regularly needs. Very few foods offer a natural source of probiotics. Those that do are fermented foods such as sauer kraut, yogurt, Kombucha tea and miso. However, most of these foods do not contain therapeutic doses of probiotics.
Probiotics, better known as good bacteria, help counter the body’s lack of gut flora. Most people view bacteria as harmful, disease-causing microorganisms that attack the body when in fact, probiotics do a great job at fighting infectious, harmful bacteria. Often times, taking a probiotic can shorten the time you experience a cold, flu or infection.
When the body lacks the good bacteria needed to digest efficiently and effectively, other body systems are affected. Most noticeably affected is the immune system. Digestive stress or improper digestion causes inflammation in the body and withholds essential nutrients from the life-sustaining immune system. 
Probiotic supplements are safe and easy to take.  Nature’s Sunshine has a variety of wonderful, therapeutic probiotic supplements. Its most popular probiotic product is Probiotic Eleven. I always use this product in conjunction with an anti-fungal herb to fight Candida imbalance and repopulate the gut flora.  Try  a probiotic supplement today for relief from intestinal stress and to enjoy an overall feeling of improved health.
For a quick digestive fix try Nature's Sunshine's Digestive System Pack.  You will notice a difference almost immediately!
Oh and if you would like to start making your own fermented foods, check out one of my favorite books, Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon.  I'm sure there are some other great books that concentrate on fermented food recipes.  Isn't Google great for just about everything?