Kick Those Holiday Blues Away

I was just thinking about how grateful I am for all the many blessings that are a part of my life and I couldn’t help but SMILE.  But it occurred to me that  not everyone is in that space of gratitude.

Are you experiencing the Holiday Blues?  Maybe you are missing family or still looking for that job or maybe you are just not happy with yourself at this moment in time.  I want to remind you that you are a perfect part of Source Energy right now and always.  You just forgot what it feels like to be “connected” to your real self, the higher self that is a part of God.  When you are in this place of connectedness, all is well.  There is health, there is abundance, there is joy.

I have not always been “connected” to my Source so I do know how it feels.  Kind of a sad emptiness and lack of interest in life.  If you can relate, here are some things that have helped me move to a better place of gratitude and joy!

1.  Take baby steps to move yourself up the emotional scale from depression to hope.  This might include experiencing blame or anger at your situation.  Let yourself experience the emotions you want to “let out”.  Go to a safe, private space and set a timer for 5 minutes and say to yourself  ” I give myself time to be angry, blameful, frustrated  etc.  Next, just let those pent up emotions flow and focus on experiencing  them fully and then letting them go.  Usually at the end of 5 min. you will have “flushed” a lot out and may even feel exhausted.  This exercise allows you to acknowledge your feelings and honor that human part of yourself.

2.  Acknowledge that you are in charge of your emotions.  You can choose to stay on the never ending circle of blame, anger, depression etc. or you can choose thoughts that make you feel good.  If you can’t “feel good” about your situation that’s OK.  Just find something to feel good about, some memory that makes you laugh or smile etc.  When you choose a good feeling thought you raise your vibration which allows more good feeling thoughts to come to your mind.

 3.  Sit down and write each tiny little thing you are grateful for.  Get specific and don’t hold back.  I am grateful for my eyesight, for having mobility, for being able to feel the sun on my face.  I am grateful everyday that I have a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, the advantage of living in a country at peace, the United States.  Bask in gratefulness and watch as a smile comes over your face.  Do this everyday or twice a day if you need to.

 4.  Help someone less fortunate.  If finances are a challenge, volunteer your time to help deliver food to a needy family, help out meals on wheels, spend some time walking dogs or playing with cats at the humane society.  Animals are such a good example of unconditional love.  Spending time with them is a  great boost.

 5.  Read an uplifting book.  Spend your time listening to positive programs and reading material that helps connect you to yourself.  I like and for spiritual and emotional uplifting.  One of my favorite books is “A Happy Pocketful of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi.  It is not just about finances, it is about how to become the person you want to be.  You can borrow this from the local library.

 6.  Watch a funny movie and don’t listen to the news.  The news focuses on what is wrong in the world. It can really get us down and most successful people do not listen to it.  They spend their time with books and movies that are positive, funny etc.   In reality, there is a lot more RIGHT in the world than that which is wrong.  The media just skews it so we think the opposite.

 7.  Find positive people to spend time with and gently let go of the people in your life that are negative Nancys or constantly whining about their problems.  You don’t need to hang around other depressed people who bring you down.  Misery loves company, but all you end up with is a big pile of misery.  That doesn’t help anyone.

 8.  First thing in the morning and last thing at night, look into the mirror and tell yourself that YOU are BEAUTIFUL and that YOU are LOVED.  Do it until you believe it and don’t ever quit appreciating yourself for who you are.

 Hope one of these tips can help you move forward in a positive way and help Kick those Holiday Blues away.