Kidney Bone Connection 

When we think about bone health most of us think about Calcium supplementation.  Yes, our bodies do need Calcium, but we also need a host of minerals and Vit. D to help the body take up the Calcium to build our bones.

Calcium is also difficult to break down and assimilate unless there is a good amount of stomach acid present to help dissolve it.  It is usually a good idea to take your Calcium supplement with meals and an enzyme supplement with Betaine HCL.

In Chinese Medicine there is a major connection between the Kidneys and Bone Health.  Our kidneys are responsible for mineral transport in the body and help maintain pH balance which contributes to the health and strength of our bones. Medical researchers have found that even a slight loss of kidney function is associated with increased loss of bone mineral density and a greater risk of fractures that can lead to premature death.

Chinese Formula KB-C stregthens kidney energy.  It is used for kidney inflammation, stones, impotence and painful urination.  It can also be used for broken bones, arthritis, backache, weak and brittle bones, constipation, weak knees and ankles.  KB-C rejuvenates and strengthens the bones (especially the spine), connective tissue and sexual organs.

Chinese Kidney Activator helps flush excess fluids out of the body.  It is used for frequent urination, scanty urination, kidney stones, abdominal inflammation and swelling as well as backache, leg pain, hip pain, swelling of the legs, ankles fingers, etc.  This formula flushes excess water from the tissues while relieving pain and inflammation.

 If you have been diagnosed with osteopenia or osteoporosis it would be a good idea to:

 1. Support your digestion with enzymes taken with meals.

 2. Increase mineral rich foods in your diet (green leafy veggies) or add a Green Drink that will alkalize your body and        provide minerals for bone health.

 3. Add a good quality, bioavailable Calcium supplement to your regimine.

 4. Address any Kidney weakness.