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Ultimate Facial and Body Applicators

How Fun Is This?
A Body Applicator that actually helps you tighten, tone and firm in as little as 45 minutes!  And YES!  It Works!  Many clients actually see results right away.  This wonderful at home Spa product is easy and fun to use.

I use these wraps with my clients as a part of a detoxification system that reduces inflammation, increases circulation, detoxifies and flushes fat.  Yes, you can Get Your Sexy Back!

This product works well with IonCleanse footbaths to pull the toxins out of the body.  I also recommend doing a cleanse first or during your "wrapping" to clean the colon to get rid of any current toxins.  The toxins held in the fat cells are old and can be hard to loosen up.  Be patient if you are one of the minority that do not have immediate results.
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You can purchase 4 facials for less than the price of one facial at a salon.

You can save hundreds of $$$ on botox shots.

You can save thousands of $$$ on surgery

Safe, Natural, Effective and It Works!