Stress and H. Pylori Bacteria Make a Very Unhappy Tummy




Stress has become a literal epidemic in today’s world.  


Many people experience moderate to severe stress levels everyday due to their work environment, health, relationship or financial troubles.  Stress affects the body in many ways, one of which involves shutting down enzyme production which can lead to stomach and digestive problems such as gas, bloating, stomach pain, heartburn, constipation or diarrhea.   If your body is not making enzymes it can’t break down your food.  Toxins form from this mish mash of undigested food left in the stomach and can enter the bloodstream causing lots of inflammation and leading to chronic disease.  


Helicobacter Pylori (H. Pylori) is a type of bacteria that can be found in the upper gastrointestinal track.  It burrows into a person's stomach lining and creates its own "acid-free zone." It does this by producing Urease, an enzyme that neutralizes stomach acid. H. Pylori infection also contributes to the formation of ulcers. It is believed that 90% of peptic ulcers are caused by an infection of H.Pylori bacteria. (Center for Disease Control and Prevention). Stress intensifies the ulcers and symptoms. Doctors use a standard blood test to check for H. Pylori, and the medical protocol to combat this bacteria is heavy-duty antibiotics. Unfortunately, this causes more imbalances with other bacteria and Candida overgrowth. Fortunately there are natural herbs that can help bring H. Pylori levels back into a healthy balance.

An estimated two thirds of the world’s population (National Cancer Institute) is infected with H. Pylori bacteria, but many show no signs or symptoms until an ulcer is formed.  Many people have never even heard of H. Pylori bacteria!  Because it is the primary identified cause of gastric cancer, it is important to prevent and treat this infection to mitigate risk. If you think you have an ulcer, odds are you do.  Talk to your doctor and ask for the H. Pylori test.  In the meantime, try to reduce your stress levels and talk to a Natural Health Practitioner who knows how to bring about long-term healing and balance for your unhappy tummy.


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned here you could have a parasitic infection that needs to be addressed.

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Here is a special formula created just for getting H. Pylori Bacteria under control.