Client Success Stories

I met Deb a few years ago at a business event.  When she stood up and said she was a  Digestion Expert, I knew I had to talk with her about my 21 year old son.  My son had complained of stomach pain for years.  I had even had him checked out with an upper GI series to obtain a diagnosis/treatment to no avail.  I discussed his situation with Deb during the event and she had amazing insight reminding me of many other symptoms he had experienced growing up.

I took him in for the Digestive Rescue in which she tested him for many foods and issues.  She identified his Candida Overgrowth and put him on natural supplements and a healthy food program.  Within 3 days for the first time ever he said “I am actually hungry now and can eat without pain”.  He followed her instructions fairly easily and has felt 100% better since working with her. 

Recently my eldest son returned from his honeymoon from Mexico with severe stomach pain.  He wrote me and asked “who was that person who helped my brother with his stomach issues?”.  I gave him Deb’s contact information and they connected immediately.  She helped him over the phone in a pinch as we were leaving on vacation getting his natural products/supplements to him ASAP for suspected H-pylori.  He did great on the vacation to Las Vegas.  I just contacted him to see how he is doing prior to writing this.  He reports no further problems since working with Deb.  Before this he had gastric reflux/heartburn often (I’m guessing it was related to the H-pylori), however now reports having no recurrence since she worked with him two months ago.  

Well to summarize, I am a Healer, Cancer/Life Coach/Physical Therapist also and have sent a variety of clients her way with Diabetes Mellitus, food allergies, stomach pain, auto-immune diseases etc and she has helped them all.  My husband just last night when I told him about our older son’s results reports he wants to see her also in the near future for his gastric reflux.  Deb has been a blessing in the digestive health of my family and clients and can be in yours also!!  I thank Deb so much for her expertise, caring, and most importantly immediate results!!!

~Melanie Brown

I really appreciate your insights with me during the ThetaHealing process. The technique is so great and you mange and guide the process masterfully. I felt safe and connected to you and myself during the process, which is important to me. You have a sincere ability to listen and ask the right questions to help me get to the core of what I wish to change. I easily recommend you to others for this healing process and all the other wonderful healing modalities you provide.

Thanks so much,
Regina Sisco
Life Coach



The boil is about 70% better today! I am sure that part of the improvement is due to the physical remedies, but I am sure that most of it is from the Theta healing. My back doesn't hurt every time I lean back. It isn't hotter than H..., sticking out an inch, and I am feeling much clearer about life.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


I've been meaning to email you for a long time. I have wanted to say Thank you!!!!

1. Thank you for working with me and getting me headed in the right direction last year. I really feel that your work on getting me cleaned out (so to speak) had a lot to do with me getting pregnant so fast.
2. Thank you for the advice of getting Garrett adjusted and starting him on the pro-biotic. I didn't have it on hand so it took me a little while to get it ordered, but I did and he was probably 5 weeks old when I started him on it and let me tell you that I believe it has REALLY helped with the gas issues he was having. Huge difference, so Thank you for that advice.

I can't wait to work with you again in the future, I think what you do is amazing and I am so glad that we met each other.

~Christi E.

I was new to Theta Healing when I first encountered Deb, but I quickly became a fan of both.  I love the way Theta Healing quickly gets to the root of whatever is holding you back. Deb dove beneath the surface of my life to unravel layers of deeply held beliefs – some of which were a complete surprise to me.

Theta Healing “downloads” replaced those limiting beliefs with powerful, positive affirmations that left me feeling empowered.

As a healer, Deb is down-to-earth and gifted at tuning in to energy and truth. If you’re feeling stuck, Deb can help you shift the energy in your life.


I just wanted to tell you that my son's grades are up quite a bit this year.  In the past his average hovered right around a GPA of 88-89, a high B.  This first few months of 7th grade his overall GPA average jumped to 93, his math grade average went from 83 to 97.  He is getting many 100s, even with a rigorous Latin class.  I do not see the physical signs of ADD and exhaustion as I used to see with him.  So, I thought you'd want to hear this success.  I hope you are doing well and prospering with your work.



Bill's blood glucose level has dropped from 180-200 to 85-100. He's lost about 8 lbs and is very excited about all the changes he's experiencing. He shares his story with others and gladly sticks to the program even serving meals and desserts to guests that showcase some of his favorites.

Although I don't have numbers to compare, I've had a huge difference in reduction of three things so far: eczema and scaly skin on my legs - they are now really smooth with only occasional breakouts, I have little moons on my index and middle fingernails- hoping for more improvement there, and I used to experience frequent and urgent urinary urges which have pretty much subsided now. These are all huge improvements for me. I will let the women know and will send them your web address. Thanks!


Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well and prosperous in the New Year! As you may know, I come into contact with many people during the course of my day. Once in while I run into someone or something by which I am truly impressed. When this happens, I look for opportunities to share my impressions with others.

I am writing to share with you my experience with Deb Kitt, Dr. Mom. I had the mishap of falling the week before Thanksgiving and consulted my physician and they were not able to help. I decided to visit with Dr. Mom and after three days the pain ceased.

She also assisted me in dissolving my kidney stone. If your clients need nutritional consultation or energy healing in the future, you have my word Dr. Mom will take care of your clients with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and that personal touch that’s so rare in business these days.



I went to see Deb Kitt due to gut issues that were concerning me, and a mystery to the doctors I had visited. I consider myself to be open-minded and knowledgeable in alternative ways to heal your body, but I felt defeated, lost, and ultimately scared about the way my body was acting.

Deb is an extremely intuitive, kind, and patient person who graciously guides her clients while exploring and discovering the types of healing that work for them. She understands that everyone’s body reacts differently to food, the environment, stress, and whatever else life can throw at us. The name “Dr. Mom” is a perfect way to explain the loving approach she takes.

After working with Deb I was able to heal my body, get rid of pain, increase my energy levels, eliminate anxiety, and ultimately expanded my understanding of the healing process. I am grateful beyond words for the transformation I was able to make working with Dr Deb Kitt.

Thank you so much!



Theta Healing Compared to Psychotherapy/Psychiatry

I have been in psychiatric care on and off for 40 years. For the past ten years, I have needed more intense care every two weeks. Psychiatry/psychotherapy laid a foundation for my recovery and helped me grow but Theta Healing brought resolution to my situation.

Before I met, “Dr. Mom,” Deb Kitt, my issues were never resolved. They kept coming up and bothering me in so many ways, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally – there never was relief especially relief from living a negative lifestyle – always thinking badly about myself, others and the world around me. That included everything that happened to be within the day: phone calls, visits, going out and in general communications with others and being dissatisfied with my health condition.

No matter how much I wanted to turn my back on that kind of lifestyle, I could not find peace or calmness. I tried desperately to have a loss of interest in judging myself, judging others, losing interest in conflict, having a loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others and a loss of ability to worry. I just could not get rid of a huge jug of feelings I knew I was carrying around and wanted desperately to let go of – and at the same time – try to be a good person. I just wanted to be a good person – just because. The heaviness of my feelings kept me away from happiness.

I yearned to let things happen rather than to make them happen and to act spontaneously rather than from fear based on past experiences – to have the ability to enjoy each moment, to have appreciation, feel connected to others and nature, to give and receive love more readily and to smile through the eyes of my heart.

Theta Healing has changed all of the above and lifted the road blocks in my life. After only two sessions of Theta Healing, administered by Deb Kitt, my panic attacks have stopped and I feel indescribable resolve. I am sleeping more soundly and waking up fewer times during the night. My attitude, feelings and opinions have totally changed toward myself, others, my finances and the world.

Deb’s personal presence puts me at ease and the atmosphere in her home/office welcomes and assures me I will experience an end to my suffering/anguish/discontent, discomfort.