Do You Know What Is In The Supplements and Herbal Products That You Buy?

When buying over the counter herbal products and supplements it is always “hit or miss” as to quality and unless you have researched the company, you really don’t know what you are buying.

In 1997 approximately 6,000 lbs of contaminated plantain herb was shipped from Germany to the US to be used in manufacturing and distribution. It was contaminated with Grecian foxglove, which is used as heart medication and can have deadly effects in overdoses.

In 1998, Richard Ko, of the California Department of Health Services tested 260 samples of Asian herbal products purchased at stores in his state. He found that 26 % of these samples contained lead, arsenic or mercury some of which were thousands of times the maximum levels recommended by U.S. health officials.

At Stanford Research Institute International, biochemists analyzed 10 different samples of DHEA. Three samples didn't contain any identifiable DHEA. Three more samples had at least 25 percent less than claimed on the label. And one sample provided a 50 percent overdose.

Dr. Todd Cooperman, founder of which does independent analyses on nutritional products stated that “On average, we’re seeing that one-quarter to one-third of the products we test do not meet the (claims on the) label, often by a wide margin.

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